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Lolesha Luangwa conservation education programme receives grant from Elephant Charge 2013

NLCP attended an event at the German Ambassador's residence in Lusaka yesterday to receive, along with many other deserving organisations, a grant from the Elephant Charge 2013 from Hon.

Such an awesome effort from Elephant Charge 2013 and they are going great guns to raise more in 2014. Thanks to everyone who supports this initiative and for supporting NLCP!

Elephant Charge works to ensure the survival of Zambia's wildlife and wilderness areas by supporting Zambian conservation organisations, and to educate the children of today - tomorrow’s leaders and decision makers - on the need to conserve Zambia's natural assets.

The Event

Elephant Charge poster on a wall
Established in 2008, the Elephant Charge is a 4x4 event held in the bush every October over the Independence Weekend that raises money for conservation. Each year a site is chosen and kept secret until the day before. The event is a course of 10 checkpoints in mountainous and rugged terrain. The winning team is the vehicle that reaches all checkpoints in the SHORTEST distance within an eight-hour time limit. So it is not a race but a challenge of 4x4 driving skills and orientation. It is a shorter distance to go through a gully than around it but often the gullies are steep and extremely challenging. There are around 250-300 “campers” for the weekend who go out to the bush for 2 or 3 nights.

The Funds

The funds for the conservation beneficiaries is raised through the individual teams through their own networks. In 2013 the money raised for conservation was KR1,480,000 (up from +/- KR428,500 in 2012). This is a considerably boost to the mostly underfunded conservation efforts in Zambia. The goal is to reach KR 3,000,000 a year.

Why are we doing this?

Aircraft over North Luangwa
FZS has supported conservation activities in North Luangwa since 1986.

Zambia is blessed with exceptional wilderness areas with good wildlife populations. This heritage not only draws in essential dollar based tourism but is also important to the Zambia culture. It would be a disaster for Zambia to ultimately loose these valuable assets. However they are in decline and unless there are successful conservation and education programs they will, at some point in the future, be lost forever. Elephant Charge raises money for key conservation programs.

Currently 70% goes to conservation through education and 30% to field conservation.