FZS and the Frankfurt Zoo

The Frankfurt Zoological Society and the Frankfurt Zoo are united by a joint history spanning more than 150 years. Although FZS’ main focus is on international conservation issues, it still has the function of supporting the Zoo. Any donations FZS receives specifically for the Frankfurt Zoo are used solely for that purpose.

Naturschutzbotschafter im Einsatz
Conservation ambassador Karl-Heinz Iba in action

Experiencing conservation


The “International Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Strategy” commits modern zoos to greater involvement and integration in conservation issues with the goal of their becoming an important “voice for conservation”.  Two such projects being carried out in cooperation with the Zoo are “Global Conservation on a Local Scale” (April 03 – March 05) and “Conservation Ambassadors” (since November 05) / "Nature and Culture Ambassadors" (since April 2010). The aim of these projects is to alert the public to the necessity of international conservation work and to raise awareness of nature conservation as a cultural task.


The Zoo, with its scientific background, is an ideal place to reach young and old people from different social backgrounds while they are enjoying themselves in a leisurely atmosphere. As a globally functioning conservation organisation, FZS can provide many tangible examples of how to apply conservation measures successfully.


The current “Conservation Ambassadors” project involves organising, training and recruiting volunteers to communicate conservation issues within the Zoo and around the city. The "Nature and Culture Ambassadors" are similar to the "Conversation Ambassadors" but they also address the cultural aspects of conservation.


The project is sponsored by Allianz Umweltstiftung and the Flughafen Rhein-Main für die Region foundation.