Serengeti Mission Possible

Tourism staff help to counter poaching in Serengeti while Covid19 keeps tourists out.

Empty Serengeti is an invite for poachers

The Covid19 outbreak has decimated the tourism industry in Serengeti. Less tourist traffic means more opportunities for illegal hunting while locals working in tourism are thrown out of work.

Serengeti Mission Possible is a time limited funding campaign launched during Easter 2020 to use some of this manpower created to mobilise extra de-snaring teams and to keep a law enforcement presence in areas in the Serengeti National Park that will be otherwise empty as budget shortages hit.

Mobilze additional desnaring teams

The desnaring teams detect and remove wire snares placed for illegal hunting in the park. Thousands of these snares are removed every year. The project is supported by the Tanzanian Tourist Operators Organisation and Frankfurt Zoological Society.

More desnaring patrols will increase the law enforcement presence significantly.

How much money is needed?

Currently each team costs on average 2400 USD per month to keep in the field.

Monthly salaries for one 8-man team = 1350 USD
Monthly rations & allowances = 430 USD
Monthly vehicle costs (fuel, repairs & maintenance) = 620 USD
Help us to bring as many patrols on the ground as possible.
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Desnaring Teams