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His Holiness Pope Francis receives "Manu - A Legacy Landscape"

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski presented His Holiness Pope Francis with a copy of "Manu - A Legacy Landscape"

On 18 January 2018, Pope Francis travelled from Chile to Peru, where he visited the cities of Lima and Puerto Maldonado and met with indigenous peoples as well as with the Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. During his meeting with His Holiness, President Kuczynski presented him with a copy of our new book "Manu - A Legacy Landscape" and we could not be more excited.
Eighteen authors, zoologists, botanists and ethnologists, as well as top wildlife photographers worked together on "Manu - A Legacy Landscape" and comprised a book that pays tribute to the beauty and wilderness of Manu.

Frankfurt Zoological Society cooperated closely with the Peruvian Conservation Agency SERNANP on this book. Together we have been working to protect Manu National Park for almost 30 years.

We feel honoured and proud that the Peruvian President has chosen "Manu - A Legacy Landscape" as a gift worthy of His Holiness Pope Francis.
Manu Book.png
Frankfurt Zoological Society (editor)
MANU - A Legacy Landscape (English)
MANU - Patrimonio Natural de la Humanidad (Spanish)
Apus Graph, Lima 2017
296 pages
ISBN: 978-612-47093-2-6

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