FZS Executive Director Christof Schenck receives NatureLife Environmental Award 2016

Christof Schenck receives the NatureLife Environmental Award 2016 for his contribution to educate and sensitize the public about climate protection, sustainable development and the conservation of natural landscapes.

NatureLife Environmental Award 2016 (D. Rosengren)
Prof. Ernst Messerschmid (l.), Claus-Peter Hutter, President of NatureLife-International and Christof Schenck (r.) at the award ceremony in Palais Livingston Frankfurt/Main.
Frankfurt, 2 Feb 2017 - Today, the NatureLife International Foundation has awarded Dr Christof Schenck, biologist and FZS Executive Director, with their environmental award 2016. The foundation’s President Claus-Peter Hutter presented the award to Schenck and astronaut Professor Dr Ernst Messerschmid. “Both prize winners have for many years contributed in different ways to educating and sensitizing the public about climate protection, sustainable development and the conservation of natural landscapes,” said Claus-Peter Hutter in his laudation. The NatureLife Internatioal Foundation is based in Ludwigsburg, Germany, and has been awarding this prize since 2010.
Christof Schenck, FZS Executive Director Together, we will continue our mission to protect natural resources. Christof Schenck, FZS Executive Director
Dr Christof Schenck has been Frankfurt Zoological Society’s Executive Director since 2000. He has brought about significant changes for the organization and developed FZS into an internationally known conservation NGO. FZS is committed long-term and strongly focuses on wilderness areas with a high biodiversity, working hands-on in project areas. These include Serengeti National Park and Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, Manu National Park in Peru as well as the rainforests of Sumatra, where highly threatened species like orangutans and tigers still live. Also in Europe, and in Germany in particular, wilderness is FZS’ main focus.

Despite many management responsibilities, Schenck has always been a passionate biologist and wilderness-fan. He has visited even the remotest FZS projects and knows about the challenges on site from personal experience. A conservationist with heart and soul, Schenck is pushing FZS forward and with great dedication.

In his acceptance speech, Schenck shared the prize with his colleagues: “This awards is not only for me, it is for the whole team, for all the people who are FZS – more than 300 in 18 countries who have dedicate their lives to conservation. Together, we will continue our mission to protect natural resources.”

Schenck who was born in 1962 in Freiburg studied biology in Tübingen and Freiburg, Germany, acquired a PhD at the University of Munich. He spent several years in the Peruvian rainforest studying Giant otters. Since 2000, Schenck is Executive Director of FZS and its Help for Threatened Wildlife Foundation. Additionally, he is a member of various other boards and committees, including the Brandenburg Wilderness Foundation and the Allianz Umweltstiftung.