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SMART tool lets rangers fight poachers and protect wildlife in real-time

The SMART Partnership has released a new extension to the widely adopted Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART). Called SMART Connect, the new technology allows rangers and conservation area managers to exchange critical information and transmit data in real time. SMART Connect improves access to data for park staff and managers on pressing issues such as poaching and human wildlife conflict.

ZGF_Flugzeug_ueber Gonarezhou_Simbabwe_DSC_6588.jpg
SMART technology supports law enforcement in Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe. Photo: Felix Borner/FZS
SMART Connect is a cloud-based extension to SMART that enhances the ease and quickness with which users can translate patrol efforts in the field into actionable data for improving conservation practice. It facilitates data capture in as close to real time as a site’s infrastructure allows, making it possible for rangers to manage and respond to real-time threats. It also allows for integration of SMART data with data from other sources (e.g., Global Forest Watch) and other commonly used field sensors, such as remote camera traps, allowing for more a comprehensive understanding of complex site dynamics.

To date, however, the most important benefits of Connect have been its ability to centrally manage SMART sites, facilitating information sharing of data, maps, and reports across entire protected area or landscape networks. The software also enables access to SMART reporting from non-SMART users, often those in key decision-making roles regarding the deployment of conservation resources. These added functionalities make SMART Connect an unparalleled tactical, operational and analytical tool for conservation management.

The SMART Partnership is made up of nine global conservation organizations: Frankfurt Zoological Society, Global Wildlife Conservation, North Carolina Zoo, Panthera, Peace Parks Foundation, Wildlife Conservation Society, Wildlife Protection Solutions, World Wildlife Fund, and Zoological Society of London. Originally designed primarily as a desktop application to combat wildlife poaching, SMART is a widely adopted, community-owned, and open-source conservation software tool.

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