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FZS works worldwide to inspire, develop, and network early career conservationists.

24th February 2020

Human alterations of the environment are causing the loss of species and natural wilderness areas faster than ever before. Now more than ever, it is vital that we have specialists in the field working hard to conserve biodiversity through managing and delivering effective conservation projects. 

The skills that university does not teach you

Working in applied conservation, however, requires many skills that are not formally taught in biology and other conservation-related University courses. Knowing how to develop solutions to conservation threats, apply for funding, handle multi-cultural work settings, report and excite others about a project idea helps immensely to turning one’s efforts into successful projects.

In 2017, FZS established the Frankfurt Spring School on Conservation Project Management (FSS). FSS addresses the diverse requirements involved in running a conservation project and allows student to learn from finance, management, and communications experts.

Michael Brombacher, Head of European Projects at FZS The Frankfurt Spring School is the only European course on project management tailored to the actual demands of nature conservation projects. Michael Brombacher, Head of European Projects at FZS

The FSS is taking place for the 4th time from 24 February 2020 and has been organised by Stephanie Kalberer, FZS Spring School Coordinator and FSS 2018 attendee. "The Frankfurt Spring School is a great success. Many students from previous years are successfully pursuing their careers in conservation."

FSS is supported by a strong network of partners, including Goethe University Frankfurt, KfW Foundation, KfW, WWF Germany, BioFrankfurt, and KPMG. This year, the Metzler Foundation increased its financial support, allowing for the provision of an alumni network for all FSS students.

Spring School is going global

Now, the Spring School model is expanding. This year, the Regional Spring School premieres, taking the concept of the original Spring School into the project regions of FZS. The first Regional Spring School will be held in Zimbabwe in close partnership with the Gonarezhou Trust.

In August, a Spring School spin-off will take place in Lübeck, Germany. The European Natural Forest School will focus on forest ecology and conservation and is run in partnership with the Natural Forest Academy and Wild Europe.

All three schools embody the same objectives: to inspire young career conservationists, develop the next generation of conservation professionals, and create a strong international network of specialists.

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