Wilderness and Biodiversity

The focus of all our conservation projects is protecting wilderness areas and conserving biodiversity.

A lizard in the Yaguas, Peru. © Daniel Rosengren

Conserving biodiversity

More than three quarters of all species live on 20 per cent of the earth surface. When time and financial resources are scarce, and when there is major conflict between use and protection, it is crucial to focus on the species-rich regions – the treasure troves of biodiversity. This is why FZS concentrates its efforts on specific ecosystems.

Lion in Serengeti (Daniel Rosengren)

Protecting wilderness areas

The protection of wilderness is inherently about sustainability beyond our own lifetimes. By wilderness we mean large, predominantly intact areas in which natural processes take place without human interference. Wilderness areas therefore play a fundamental role in the conservation of biodiversity.

Ed Sayer North Luangwa Zambia (Photo: Norbert Guthier)

Our Conservation Work

Our tasks are as diverse as the project regions. For example, we support the management of protected areas for animal censuses, we support the fight against poaching and provide advice on park development. We also finance necessary equipment as well as the training of the rangers and help to involve local communities in the protection of their natural resources.