Creating wilderness in Brandenburg

Tomorrow's virgin forests on former military training areas

Lieberose Heath
Wilder without the tanks: the former military training area, Lieberose (photo: Heiko Schumacher)

The tanks left their marks, but nature is taking back its territory - and the Brandenburg Wilderness Foundation (SNLB) is helping it do so. We, too, are offering our support: watching with interest to see what happens, learning from the experience and bequeathing a significant natural heritage to coming generations.


The virgin forests of tomorrow are growing on over 12,700 hectares of the Foundation's land. Pioneer forest, including birch, pine and robinias, is now growing where soldiers once trained. Richly structured mixed forest is thriving on land which used to be dominated by monotonous pine forest. Moorland that was previously dewatered is now being renatured. Wolves are also slowly returning to the wild areas. In addition, otters and beavers are repopulating the Foundation's land, and sea eagles and cranes are also breeding there.


The FZS helped to found the Brandenburg Wilderness Foundation and is one of its key partners. This is where the wilderness of tomorrow is being created. We can learn from the processes taking place there, experience wilderness, make dynamic habitats available for increasingly threatened species and leave a valuable legacy to future generations.


  • Managing the existing wilderness areas (preventing interference e.g. from motocross tracks) 
  • Supporting the purchase of land for expansion of the wilderness zones 
  • Renaturing the moorland on the former military training areas 
  • Initiating monitoring and research projects 
  • Supporting nature activity projects (nature activity centre on the former Generalshügel in Lieberose, nature and wilderness trails)