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For more than 60 years Frankfurt Zoological Society has been working in the heart of Serengeti as a reliable partner to the National Park. With your support we can protect this magical place for eternity.

How we protect the Serengeti

We Remove Illegal Poachers' Snares

Snares collected in Serengeti

Every day our de-snaring teams search the savannah for snares. Poachers set thies wire traps in the bush to hunt for bushmeat. Inside the Park this is illegal. Trapped animals suffocate, starve to death, or suffer painful injuries. In 2018, the de-snaring teams removed roughly 15,000 snares and freed 205 animals. 


We Keep Conservation Going

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FZS maintains Serengeti’s anti-poaching car fleet, as mobility is key to effective ranger patrols. Keeping service time down, and the patrols out in the field is essential for protecting the ecosystem. FZS also assists the park with improvements and maintenance of the digital radio system.

We are the Eye in the Sky

press photo FZS aircraft in Serengeti
With our aircraft we reduce the impact of poaching hugely. With one flight we immediately have an idea of what it happening on the ground. Where is the migration? Where are fires? Are rivers drying out? Can we spot poaching incidents? Pilots communicate their findings to the "Serengeti Operations Room" where ranger deployment is coordinated.

We save the Serengeti Rhino

The Black Rhino was almost poached to extinction in Serengeti in the 1990s. Rigid protection measures were put in place and today the population of this endangered species is growing. We provide training, equipment, and logistical support to a specialised ranger unit and support monitoring and protection of the Serengeti rhinos.

We Empower Communities


Local communities are a key component of successful conservation. FZS encourages people living in the ecosystem to become actively engaged in conservation. We help to establish Community Conservation Banks, that allow members to set up sustainable, conservation-friendly businesses, such as beekeeping, chicken farming or small tree nurseries.  

We Support the Rangers

Rangers are the backbone of a successful park protection. We provide equipment, training and logistical support for the ranger force of Serengeti National Park and cooperate closely with our long-term partner Tanzania National Parks.

We Assist Research

To protect wildlife, you need to monitor population dynamics, health, and threaths. We support the National Park and scientists in their efforts to better understand the complex ecosystem and biodiversity of Serengeti.

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