Lower Putumayo-Yaguas Landscape

The Lower Putumayo-Yaguas Landscape, is a biological corridor between southern Colombia and northern Peru, with unbroken forest cover and healthy aquatic ecosystems where birds, terrestrial animals, and fish can move freely through the region as they have for thousands of years.

The River Yaguas, Peru. © Daniel Rosengren
More than 1,000 species of plants and 706 species of vertebrates were recorded in 2019, making it one of the most diverse places in the Peruvian Amazon. Yaguas and Lower Putumayo landscape are also home to many endangered species, such as the pink river dolphin, South American manatee, giant otter, giant anteater, woolly monkey, collared titi monkey as well as the black mantle tamarin.

Ichthyologists believe that the Yaguas River Basin hosts the most diverse fish fauna within Peru, hosting more than 65% of Peruvian fish species, including species of economic value such as the Paiche, Arawana, and vulture catfish.
A blue heron on the Putumayo River. © Daniel Rosengren

In addition, there exists significant cultural connectivity between the many different indigenous ethnic groups that live in this landscape, with communities from both countries belonging to the same linguistic groups and sharing resources in times of need, under traditional informal agreements.

The Lower Putumayo-Yaguas Landscape encompasses the recently created Yaguas National Park and neighboring protected areas, covering a total of 14,146 km2 of high-biodiversity areas in this northwestern part of Peru and is part of a large wildlife corridor with Brazil and Colombia.

What we do

Biological monitoring

  • Annual giant otter and Amazonian manatees monitoring, species that serve as indicators of ecosystem health
  • Annual review of tree cover and amount of deforestation
  • Support biological research

Environmental education

  • Raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity and the benefits of protected areas for the well-being of local people
  • Establish a participatory community surveillance system to guarantee the protection of the habitat of the Amazonian manatee in the lower Putumayo basin
  • Reduce pollution along the communal water bodies in the lower Putumayo basin
  • Promote the participation of authorities, local population in events, which strengthen the protection and conservation of the landscape

Protected area management

giant otter.jpg
A giant otter. © Daniel Rosengren
  • Support the active participation of government authorities and civil society in the management of the protected areas by establishing a management plan and a management committee
  • Promote the participation of authorities and local populations in bi-national events with protected areas in Colombia

Designation of protected areas

  • Support the creation of the Lower Putumayo Communal Reserve, adjacent to Yaguas National Park, which will protect the territory of 13 communities of Lower Putumayo. The communal reserve category will allow the co-management of the area together with the local communities, thus enabling the inhabitants to take care of their own natural resources and manage them in a sustainable manner.