Help for Threatened Wildlife Foundation

FZS' supporting foundation

The oldest foundations are over 1000 years old. Assets that were invested in the Middle Ages, for example, still support to this day and age the cause designated centuries ago. A foundation is therefore an ideal way to provide financial assistance for long-term conservation efforts. If you would like to contribute part of your estate to benefit the environment, then maybe an endowment contribution could be the answer. We would be pleased to inform you of the possibilities.


The Help For Threatened Wildlife Foundation can be accredited to Bernhard Grzimek’s outstanding personal involvement. He was a visionary and because of his charisma and lasting impression left on people was able to inspire many to become involved in conservation. In 1961 Grzimek founded the “forerunner” of the present day foundation by opening a bank account with the name “Help For Threatened Wildlife”. Numerous donations and legacies as well as the astute financial politics of Grzimek’s successor, Dr. Richard Faust, allowed the balance in the special account to grow into a considerable amount over the decades.



In 2001, fourteen years after Grzimek’s death, FZS used this capital stock to launch one of Europe’s largest conservation trust funds, the Help For Threatened Wildlife Foundation. At inception, the foundation was endowed with 33 Million Euros thereby enabling FZS to invest the majority of its funds in long-term nature conservation.


In the charter of the Help for Threatened Wildlife Foundation it is defined that the aim of the foundation is to give financial aid to the Frankfurt Zoological Society est. 1858 e.V. (Registered Association). This means that all proceeds from the foundation go towards FZS’ worldwide conservation projects. The future of current and upcoming FZS projects stands consequently on firm financial ground. Such planning reliability supports FZS’ fundamental philosophy: to conduct successful ongoing nature conservation with the perspective that projects will continue to stand on solid financial ground for many years to come.