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Elephants, orangutans, rhinos, mountain gorillas, and giant otters are iconic species that are in urgent need of sponsors.

We are committed to saving animals from extinction. You can help too, by sponsoring a species today!

Saiga Antelopes in Kazakhstan

In the 1970s, around one million saiga antelopes lived in Kazakhstan, but since then they have become a rare sight. Poaching is a constant threat. But a huge blow came in 2015 when a disease nearly wiped out this species. We are doing everything we can to prevent the saiga from disappearing from Kazakhstan forever.

African elephants

Elephants once populated almost the entire African continent south of the Sahara. Today, it is estimated that there are only a few hundred thousand left. Apart from habitat loss, their decline is also due to the increase in poaching. FZS supports numerous conservation measures to combat poaching. As an animal sponsor, you can also contribute to protecting African elephants.

Sumatran orangutans

We have been running a reintroduction station for orangutans since 1998 in Sumatra, Indonesia. Here, orangutans that previously lived in captivity learn the skills they need for life in the wild. But their habitat is sadly becoming ever smaller because of the rapid expansion of palm oil plantations. In addition to working with the animals themselves, we are also working to preserve their habitats.

Rhinos in East Africa

Poachers have almost completely wiped out one of the largest land mammals on earth. There are several rhino populations in East Africa, but they need protection, a task that is coordinated by FZS experts. In 2003, FZS launched a successful reintroduction of black rhinos in North Luangwa National Park.

Mountain Gorillas in the Congo

Only around 800 mountain gorillas remain in the world. About half of that population lives in the cloud forests surrounding the Virunga volcanoes on the border region that includes Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda. Our project partners protect these animals and their habitats despite the extremely difficult political conditions in this region.

Giant Otters in Peru

Giant Otters can grow to be two meters long. This species lives in the oxbow lakes within South American rainforests. This is one of the most endangered otter species in the world. Since 1990, we have been intensively monitoring giant otters in Peru and working to protect this species.

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Donation receipt

We send all sponsors an annual donation receipt at the start of the following year.


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