Annual Report 2015

A review of FZS’s eventful 2015 which included a 30th anniversary of The North Luangwa Conservation Program along with a preview of 2016 is available in this annual report.

09/15/2016, Kasia Rabel

Dear readers and friends of the Frankfurt Zoological Society,

30 years are a long time. But when it comes to protecting landscapes and wilderness areas or to re-establishing animal populations, 30 years are a blink of an eye. Just like our cultural heritage, for example the pyramids, palaces and paintings, outstanding natural areas must be protected over centuries. It is a task which requires stamina.

For three decades now, the Frankfurt Zoological Society has been committed to a project in North Luangwa, a national park in north-eastern Zambia. The “North Luangwa Conservation Programme” was set up in 1986. We celebrated its 30th anniversary in March with some 200 guests at the German Embassy in Lusaka and, for me as President, it provided confirmation of the great importance of the extensive North Luangwa programme. The event in Lusaka showed me how well the programme is established within the country and its networks, how our commitment is regarded as a valuable partnership by the Zambian wildlife authority and how much we have achieved in these last 30 years. This impression was confirmed during my visit to the Park itself. North Luangwa is an impressive, vast and pristine wilderness. The elephant population is healthy and stable, the small group of reintroduced rhinos is growing. This should not, of course, be taken for granted against a background of the current level of ivory and rhino poaching and it requires a high level of commitment from all those involved.

A long-term and dependable financial commitment is also necessary to facilitate the work of the North Luangwa Conservation Programme and to put it onto a secure footing. FZS can provide this solid base thanks to its own funds and those of the many private donors. With the help of a number of large new international donors, FZS is also able to provide the additional support needed to combat the poaching crisis.

I am delighted to present this review of the eventful year of 2015 along with a preview of the current year in the present Annual Report.


Klaus Becker
President of the Frankfurt Zoological Society


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