Annual Report 2019

“For Frankfurt Zoological Society, 2019 was an exceptionally good year.” Says Klaus Becker, FZS President. Compared to 2018: Income from inheritances and bequests almost doubled, the volume of donations increased 37%, sponsorships have risen and more. Read this annual report for an in-depth look at what has been going on at FZS in 2019 and to see our financial report.

09/15/2020, Kasia Rabel

Dear readers and friends of FZS,

For Frankfurt Zoological Society, 2019 was an exceptionally good year. And it was all down to our teams and our partners. Our patrons, our members, private donors and sponsors played a major role, too – and I would like to say a big thank you to you all. The trust you place in us, is what carries us and our work forward.

Last year, our income from inheritances and bequests almost doubled compared to the previous year. They are now at nearly the same level as the funding grants. Gratifyingly, the volume of donations has also increased – by an impressive 37 percent. The number of sponsorships has risen, too. These are all encouraging signs. They mean that we can continue our projects aimed at protecting wilderness areas and biodiversity with full force.

But the corona crisis has also provided us with a powerful reminder of the threats we face and the importance of healthy ecosystems. The national parks and protected areas in many countries where we have been active for decades have been doubly hit by the crisis. The health risk has increased for the local people, but many national park authorities have also lost their funding. The risk of poaching, uncontrolled deforestation or illegal gold mining has risen dramatically, too. Our partners in these areas are now doubly dependent on our support.

FZS has initiated a COVID-19 Impact Study. Together with other organizations, we want to carry out research aimed at obtaining as accurate a picture as possible of how the pandemic is affecting the management of protected areas. The results will help put our support for the protected areas on an even more sustainable footing. Preserving these areas is our daily work and our overriding mission.


Klaus Becker
President of the Frankfurt Zoological Society


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