In Loving Memory of Aman Mgogollo

The conservation community mourns the tragic loss of Aman John Mgogollo, a brilliant and dedicated GIS specialist, who lost his life in a plane crash in Matambwe, Tanzania, on May 18, 2023. With profound sadness, we remember Aman’s exceptional contributions to conservation and his unwavering commitment to preserving our natural world.

06/07/2023, FZS

Born on May 18, 1986, Aman developed a deep passion for geospatial analysis and its vital role in understanding and protecting our environment. As a gifted GIS specialist, he possessed an unparalleled ability to combine technology, data, and conservation principles, making an indelible impact on the field.

Throughout his remarkable career, Aman tirelessly applied his expertise to the conservation efforts in Tanzania. Aman’s work directly contributed to the preservation of the remarkable biodiversity and delicate ecosystems that defines the Serengeti.

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Aman was known for his warmth, kindness, and unwavering dedication to making a difference. He wholeheartedly believed in empowering local communities and engaging them as custodians of their natural heritage.

The plane crash in Matambwe has robbed us of a leader, an extraordinary talent and visionary. His passing leaves an immense void in the conservation and GIS communities, as well as in the lives of his loved ones. Aman will be deeply missed by his family, including his partner, his parents and other family members, who take solace in his unwavering support and love.

Though our hearts are heavy with grief, let us find solace in the enduring impact Aman made on the world. His legacy of combining technology, data, and a profound love for nature will forever guide our conservation endeavours. May we continue to carry his torch and strive to protect our precious planet, inspired by Aman’s unwavering commitment to a more sustainable and harmonious future.


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