Carpathians’ Life: FZS Ukraine Photo Contest

Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) Ukraine, in partnership with the Carpathian Mountain International Film Festival (CMIFF), hosted the “Carpathians’ Life” photo contest for the 3rd time, showcasing the rich ecological diversity and cultural heritage of the Carpathians, while paying tribute to life in the protected areas supporting those affected by war.

11/24/2023, Anu Mukherjee

The Ukrainian Carpathians are known for their large-scale primeval and old-growth forests. It is a unique spot in Europe. In those rural areas nature, wildlife and people are closely linked and the contest captured both: photos of traditional sheep grazing, seasonal crocus blooms, and the everyday activities of local people – who also happen to be the highest altitude residents of Ukraine.

Maria Hrytsiv, who belongs to the mountains ethnic group Boyky and has lived in the village of Volosyanka for more than 90 years/ People of the Carpathians Award- Artur Abramiv

Carpathian Shelter

Artur Abramiv claimed the top spot in the “People of the Carpathians” category. Dunets Roman, Hanna Ponomarenko and Zysko Serhiy won in the “Landscape”, “Wildlife” and “Audience Sympathy Prize” categories, respectively. The works of the winners of the photo contest will be displayed in spring 2024 as a photo exhibition in the protected areas and local communities of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

View from Mount Blyznytsia, Carpathian Biosphere Reserve / Landscape Award - Dunets Roman

Congratulations to the winners of the competition and thanks to all participants. By supporting this contest, we wanted to raise attention to the importance of preserving the Ukrainian Carpathians, especially in this difficult time. The fascinating nature of the region is not only crucial for preserving the wildlife and supporting the life of local inhabitants, but it also plays and will play for many years a key role in the recovery and healing of Ukrainians.

Khrystyna Mysak, Head of FZS Communications and Tourism Development, Ukraine
A snail atop flora in the Carpathians/ Wildlife Award- Hanna Ponomarenko

Carpathian Support

Since the beginning of the war in 2022, the Ukrainian Carpathians have also become a refuge for people fleeing the conflict in the east of the country. FZS and our partners have continuously supported the protected areas and the internally displaced people they are hosting.

Our goal, unaltered by the war’s escalation, remains to effectively and sustainably protect the ecological systems and services of the Carpathian Mountains. Currently, we are supporting 19 protected areas in Ukraine, including the Carpathian Mountains, national parks and biosphere reserves and will continue to provide much-needed support and supplies to the protected areas in both Polesia and the Carpathians.

If you wish to support these protected areas during this crisis, please visit our donation page. To learn more about the fundraiser visit our dedicated website page.

Barvinok Mountains, Carpathians /Audience Sympathy Prize- Zysko Serhiy
Lynx in the Ukrainian Carpathians, Synevyr National Nature Park / Vitalii Kens
Mystical House in the village of Dzembronya, Carpathian National Nature Park / Zoryan Lishchynskyi
One of the highest altitude residents of Ukraine, whose home is some 1100 meters above sea level, near the Synevyr National Nature Park / Michael Dorogovych
Where autumn meets winter, near Skolivski Beskydy National Nature Park / Oleg Zhylin
Traditional sheep grazing near Mount Petros, Carpathian Biosphere Reserve / Dmytro Trofimyuk


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