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Serengeti Conservation Project

Protecting Tanzania's First National Park

FZS History - Grzimek Bernhard and Michael
Professor Grzimek and his son, Michael at work in the Serengeti National Park. Photograph courtesy of Okapia.

Serengeti is where we feel at home. Our work in Serengeti National Park dates back to the 1950's when our long-serving president, Professor Bernhard Grzimek, heightened awareness and concern for wildlife in Africa with his Oscar-winning film "Serengeti Shall Not Die." His groundbreaking work brought recognition that global protection can preserve wild animal populations in Serengeti National Park and commenced our global conservation programme.


Today our main focus is based on his dream of conserving the Serengeti Ecosystem and its millions of animals as an intact migratory system and one of the most significant wildlife areas in the world.


We are continuing our work in Serengeti today by working closely with the Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA) and providing critical support for resource protection, ecological and threat monitoring, ranger training and infrastructural assistance.




  • Carrying out animal censuses with Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI)
  • Exploring and understanding conservation issuess to link communities with wildlife protection
  • Disseminating research results to inform management decision-making
  • Supporting scientific conferences

Resource Protection

  • Supporting park management
  • Maintaining TANAPA's anti-poaching fleet and ensuring Serengeti workshop upkeep
  • Providing technical support and training for rangers
  • Supporting law enforcement and anti-poaching monitoring through the implementation of SMART
  • Encouraging ecofriendly and sustainable tourism
  • Procuring ranger equipment and anti-poaching vehicles
  • Build critical park infrastructure


  • Supporting monitoring activities and aerial tracking
  • Providing operational support to Rhino Rangers
  • Assisting in repatriation projects

Maswa Game Reserve

  • Supporting the purchase and maintainence of vehicles

Pasiansi Ranger Training School

  • Supporting Tanzanian rangers undergoing practical ranger training

Community Support

  • Click here to see how we support communities on the periphery of the park